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1 July 2013 - HC13D01765

  • Judgment not published?
  • Judgement/order either 2013-06-25 or 2013-07-01 ?
  • reported July 2013
  • claimant may be Motion Picture Association (MPA) and FACT?

From FAPL vs Sky (UK/HC13F02471)

Secondly, on 25 June 2013 Mann J granted orders under section 97A concerning a website known as EZTV. He required the orders to contain an additional liberty to apply in the following terms

From Cartier vs Sky (UK/HC14C01382) "the following orders have been granted pursuant to applications by film studios":

an order dated 1 July 2013 in respect of EZTV;



Orders dated 2013-07-01 not yet obtained.