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This Wiki is the repository for UK court orders requiring domains, URLs and IP addresses to be blocked by Internet Service Providers.

Error 451 is "A New HTTP Status Code to Report Legal Obstacles" or "an additional Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) status code for use when resource access is denied due to legal demands." being developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force.

The Manila Principles on Intermediary Liability request

6 e Where content has been restricted on a product or service of the intermediary that allows it to display a notice when an attempt to access that content is made, the intermediary must display a clear notice that explains what content has been restricted and the reason for doing so.

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For general info, return to our main site.

For lists of UK ISP domain blocks by injunction, return to blocked legal blocks page

For lists of UK ISP domain blocks by error type, return to blocked legal blocks error page

451 Error message

Current UK blocking orders

Blocking orders have been made against 173 websites.