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Cloudflare is an internet infrastructure provider.

There are multiple Cloudflare IP addresses blocked by some UK ISPs such as TalkTalk and Virgin Media. (i.e. the blocks are not dependent on fake DNS responses.)

It is believed that Cloudflare concentrates sites subject to UK court orders on specific IP addresses in order to allow network-level blocking of particular sites.

It's not clear if this is voluntary, or via a court demand. The practice is mentioned in the judgment for Columbia Pictures Industries Inc & Ors v British Telecommunications Plc & Ors:

The applicants have confirmed that, following the grant of the order, they will notify the Target Websites to CloudFlare and request that they be allocated to dedicated IP addresses. This approach has been taken in respect of sites blocked pursuant to existing orders under section 97A, and is intended to ensure that only material on the Target Websites is blocked.


IP addresses detected as being subject to full blocking: