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On 2022-04-27 the UK introduced The Russia (Sanctions) (EU Exit) (Amendment) (No. 9) Regulations 2022 as a statutory instrument, imposing a legal obligation on ISPs to block access to internet services[1] of sanctioned individuals, appointing Ofcom[2] as the enforcement authority.

On 2022-05-04 Ofcom wrote[3][4][5] to UK ISPs requesting the block of two particular news sites.

Implementation of blocks is likely to differ among ISPs.

Further sanctions may be found searching for "Internet Services" in the UK sanctions list.

ISP acknowledgements

  • TalkTalk: Acknowledges blocks dated 2022-05-04 as "UK Government Sanctions"[6]
  • Andrews and Arnold: Acknowledges DNS blocking 2022-05-05[7]

Checking for updates

The XML version of the UK Sanctions List can be parsed for updates if you have jq and yq installed. (Note that the URL will change each time the list updates.)

curl -s -A "Please build an API" \ \
| xq -r '.Designations.Designation[]|select(.SanctionsImposed|contains("Internet Service"))|[.LastUpdated,.UniqueID,.Names.Name.Name6]|@csv'

"03/05/2022","RUS1103","ROSSIYA SEGODNYA"