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This is a list of the information we could add per blocking injunction or instruction.

  1. Name, eg "Paramount Home Entertainment International Ltd & Ors v British Sky Broadcasting Ltd & Ors"
  2. Citation (refers to the judgment, eg [2013] EWHC 3479 (Ch)
  3. Judgment URL
  4. Case number, eg HC13F04302
  5. Type of restriction:
    1. Domain seizure
    2. Domain suspension
    3. ISP block
    4. Content removal
    5. Other
  6. Type of instruction, set list, eg:
    1. Injunction
    2. Administrative Order
  7. Jurisdiction (Country) (state)
    1. UK
    2. UK (Scotland only)
    3. USA
  8. Power used – select from predefined list, with link to legislation in the database, per jurisdiction, eg for the UK:
    1. Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, Section 97A
    2. Senior Courts Act 1981, Section 37 (1)
    3. Digital Economy Act 2017, section 23 (1)
  9. Court or authority where injunction or instruction obtained, Predefined list per jurisdiction, for UK
    1. High Court
    2. BBFC Administrative Order
  10. Injunction
    1. obtained by
      1. Represented by
  11. Who the Injunction or Order instructs, predefined list
    1. All UK ISPs
      1. Per ISP, link to relevant court document
      2. Per document, date of issue
  12. Other court documents (free form, as HTML)
  13. Sites or content targeted: a long freeform field to explain which websites are targeted, plus:
    1. List of target sites (each target site will need to be a unique value)
    2. Assign domains or IP addresses to target sites in the list created above


  1. This list of possible fields we want to record may grow or change.
  2. the set lists will be subject to change / grow
  3. Some information will not be applicable, eg administrative blocks do not have information related to parties obtaining orders